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video games

Selaco Demo (PC) - AoS - Altered Orbit Studios
Eastshade (PC, PS4) - Leela/ Pippa - Eastshade Studios LLC
Pine (PC, Nintendo Switch) - Nidya - Twirlbound
Deiland: Pocket Planet (Nintendo Switch) - 
Arco/ Lily - Chibig Studio
Doomsday Paradise (PC) - Overkill Announcer/ Warrior Frog/  - Lemonade Flashbang
Lilith Odyssey (PC) - Various Background NPC's - Jun and Pate
HeXen: A New World for Wrath of Cronos (PC) Lakshmi - Zombie Ryushu
Submarine Panic (PC) - Computer - Glaas
Fallout New Vegas: The Frontier (PC) - Prelate Lorene - Johnathan Lee
Lost Flame (PC) - Young Witch
- Bartek Bartosz

Interactive voice response/ commercial

Clinical Reference Laboratories of America (IVR)

Dear Knowledge Letters (TV) - Knowledge Network


Audio dramas

One Star Reviews - Angela/ Testimonial 2 - Good Pointe Podcasts 

Two Flat Earthers Kidnap a Freemason - MLM Bossbabe - Good Pointe Podcasts
Someone Dies In This Elevator 
- Newscaster (Angela)  - Sound Escape Productions
End Of All Hope - Mia - 7 Lamb Productions
Denver Falls
 - Mia - 7 Lamb Productions

Crystal Blue - Kay - 7 Lamb Productions
Tower 4 - Selena - 7 Lamb Productions

Story - Reagan - 7 Lamb Productions
Paralyzed - Emma/ Michelle - 7 Lamb Productions

Cyberscape Neo - Myra - Titanium Templar

Audience Member 2

Esluna: The Crown of Babylon  (Feature Film) - Caz - Cloudrise Picture
The Worlds Divide (Feature Film) - Monk - Cloudrise Pictures

Gametoons (YouTube) - Alex/ Poppy/ Mommy Long Legs/ Cyan/ Bobby Bearhug/ Mrs. Catnap/ Various - Newscape Pro

Bronzo (YouTube) - Witch/ Alex/ Various - Newscape Pro
Maxcraft (YouTube) - Mom/ Ender Dragon/ Various - Newscape Pro
Princess Hana (YouTube) -
Chiyo/ Hana's Mom/ Mommy Long Legs/ Baby Long Legs/ Various - Newscape Pro
Friday Night Funkin Logic (YouTube) - 
Sarvente/ Big Sister/ Flakey/ Katelyn Taki/ Various - Newscape Pro
Five Nights At Freddy's Logic (YouYube) - Chica/ Vanny/ Vanessa - Newscape Pro
SCP Animated Tales From The Foundation
(YouTube) - Dr. Collingwood/ Various  - NewScape Pro
Minecraft SCP Roleplays
(YouTube)  - Crystal/ Iris/ Abby/ Various - NewScape Pro
Among Us Logic (YouTube) - Dum/ Blondie/ Player's Mom - Newscape Pro
Friend (YouTube) - Luna/ Various - Tycer Ltd

The Incredible Strawberry! Animatic (YouTube) - Eric - Alex Ibarra
LEGO Batman Nightmare in Gotham (YouTube)  - Batgirl/ Harley Quinn  - PhilRod Studios

Bloxburg Movies (YouTube) - Mom - Newscape Pro
Problem Child
(Facebook) - Amber Bailey - Brian Ellis
Soul Cheater (YouTube) - Patty - BlackMageABradged

- Newscape Pro

Skits (YouTube)

 - Rox/ Chic/ Rue/

Fortnite Shorts, Films, and                              

Fairy Godmother/ Clown Minion


Onesie/ Harlowe/
Remedy / Harley Quinn/
Kyo/ Mary the Hench-woman/
Robin/ Vie/ Reese / Penny
Ember/ Glimmer/ Tilted Teknique/
And more!

Ranked (YouTube) - Narrator -  Newscape Pro
Neoconception (Album) - News Reporter 1 - Spectrum of Delusion

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